The South

A fuedal system where the lords swear Fealty to King Ragnarok. The Families are as follows

Family (Main City) Size of their power – Where there power comes from

Arden (Adeler) – Size 25 Hold medium sized farmlands to the south of the Kingdom

Blosi (Balsi) – Size 10 Hold a large forest in the north which provides wood to the kingdom

Brice (Cliffmore) – Size 15 Holds several ports along the eastern coast

Bulmer(Feyhelm) – size 15 Holds several large breweries and wineries which is their main wealth also orchards

Corbet (Embergarde) – Size 30 Large breeders and sellers of cows in the west

Ernle (Rimestall) – Size 8 Breeds and maintains several large pig farms over the east

Kingsbury (Kingsland) – Size 60 Large holder of land to the south. Held more land then the Ragnaroks before the downfall and fight them diplomatically for more control.

Ogle (Bayhost) – Size 10 Hold sparse areas to the east near the mountains not great for crops but they have lots of goats

Selby (Ashley Grove) – size 15 Holdings of land across the centre of the kingdom

Ragnarok ( Skaney) – Size 100 Hold lots of fertile central land and the capital city Skaney

Shelton (Kilfront) – Size 15 Hold small fertile lands in the east

Spencer (Spencerton) – Size 30 Run a large industry based city near to Skaney (Spencerton)

Spring ( Spring) – Size 20 Hold a small city near the mountains popular with wizards and scourers

Tempest ( Temple) – Size 25 The major religious centre is held by them as well as fertile land from the gods

Towneley (Starport) – Size 25 Hold Fishing villages in the south-west

Vernon (Ironreach) – Size 5 Hold dry barren lands near the southern shore. Manage to eek out a living

The South

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